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After a much-needed break, the Tom Brady/Donald Trump bromance might be back on.

After New England's Sunday night overtime victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, Trump took to congratulate Brady, Pats owner Bob Kraft, and head coach Bill Belichick

Does this mean Trump and Brady are friends again? The former golf buddies appeared to have a falling out in 2017 when Brady decided not to attend the White House with his team. Later, his wife Gisele said that she and her husband no longer support Trump. Brady also called Trump "divisive" for his comments about Colin Kaepernick.

Remember, Brady has proudly flaunted his MAGA hat around the Patriots locker room in the past, but has been relatively mum when asked to comment about the president.

Oh, and as far for the Los Angeles Rams, Trump failed to acknowledge them at all. But, one can assume that their fan-base would rather be backed by YG than 45.

The Rams and Patriots square off in the Super Bowl on February 3. It's safe to say we know who Trump will be rooting for.