The tug-of-war between the NFL and Colin Kaepernick continued into this week when the league commissioner suggested that Kaep has not been picked up by a team because he can't help a franchise win. This resulted in a massive backlash with several people weighing in on the issue, including Kaepernick's lawyer.

"Anyone who believes that would believe that Mark Sanchez was a better choice," Kaep's lawyer Mark Geragos said on Thursday (Jan. 31) to NBC's TODAY. "Or some of the other, how do should I put it delicately, people who are 'well past their prime' that were signed this year."

He then went on to suggest that the reason Kaepernick didn't even get to have a workout with a team is due to the league's close relationship with President Trump. 

"You'd have to believe that 32 individuals came to the same conclusion separately and decided that they just weren't going to win," Geragos added. "There isn't anyone who's got a couple of neurons firing that wouldn't say this is collusive activity."

This "collusive activity" has been an ongoing accusation against the NFL. Kaepernick's legal team claims to have evidence that the President and NFL owners have blackballed the quarterback for his political stance. This has led to a lengthy court battle that is set to come to a head early this year.