Mike Tyson Reveals He Smoked Weed Before Fighting Andrew Golota

Weed entrepreneur Mike Tyson admitted that he smoked before his fight with Andrew Golota.

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Mike Tyson admitted he was high during his October 2000 fight against Andrew Golota.

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Tyson talked to the host about the fact that he had been partaking in marijuana "all my life, basically." (Tyson is launching a marijuana growing operation.) But when the hosts pushed him on the subject of whether or not he'd ever smoked before a match, Tyson said he only did it once. 

"I only did it one time when I was fighting," he said. "When I fought Golota, that's the only time I smoked weed and fought."

Tyson won that match handily, scoring a technical knockout when Golota failed to answer the bell for the third round. Patrick asked how the weed affected him and Iron Mike was quick with a joke.   

"It didn't affect me, it affected Golota," he said, laughing.

Tyson then alluded to the fact that the fight was later changed in the record books to be a no-contest. Tyson was fined for failing to take a drug screening before the fight and having his post-fight test come back positive for marijuana. 

"They fined me a couple of hundred dollars for that stuff," Tyson said.  

In Tyson's memoir Undisputed Truth, the champion boxer said that he failed the test because he was unable to get his "whizzer," a fake penis that can be filled with clean urine to pass drug tests. In that memoir, he also admitted that he used drugs before a fight against Lou Savarese. He said he was able to clear the tests because of the whizzer.

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