With the Warriors set to move across the Bay next year, and the Raiders set to move to Las Vegas eventually (probably very soon), Oakland residents are faced with the misery that befalls fans who see teams move beyond their city limits. That'll be triply-shitty if the A's were to also leave. Though it doesn't appear to be likely at the moment, who knows how plans could be altered if their ambitious (and certain to be very expensive) new stadium plan was to fall through:

With that in mind Oakland born and raised Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch stood up at a Wednesday city council meeting to say: "We’re losing the Warriors. We’re losing the Raiders. [We] best not lose the A’s. [I] appreciate it." That brief but unmistakable message lent itself well to the the organization's #RootedInOakland hashtag, so obviously they busted it out on their social media feeds:

For most people that's not a lot of words, but for Marshawn Lynch (or at least his public persona) it sure as hell is. For that alone it's noteworthy. Also, according to CBS Sports, the recent stadium proposal appears to be privately financed, so if that remains true (which you probably know is a big if) that'd be a big hoop to have already jumped through.

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