You know it's a big NBA game when you see Lil Wayne sitting courtside with his J's and in no danger of interrupting the action. And when he's not being asked to leave, he's being asked for his opinion on some of the greatest basketball debates ever. Take the first episode of The Bumbu Room, in which Weezy is asked to pick between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. "Oooooof. Lord have mercy. Y'all just gave me a migraine," Weezy says. It's good to see he's not making a snap judgment. 

"I'm a real sports guy; Boy that's a tough question. These days they think a tough question is Jordan or LeBron. No, Jordan or Kobe is the tough question. Lord have mercy, please forgive me, God forgive me,Jordan forgive me. But it's Kobe," he says. 

Welp. Not only is he wrong about Kobe vs. MJ, but he's wrong about how Kobe vs. MJ is tougher than LeBron vs. MJ. However, he gets some points for recognizing the difficulty of what he's about to say, along with the extended preamble and apologies to MJ. He's still wrong and we're going go ahead and lump him in with the rest of Kobe's stans.

Before you bemoan his sacrilegious answer to the Kobe vs. MJ query, an earlier answer in the video might give you an idea of Wayne's state of mind. When asked about Nicki Minaj vs. Rihanna at the 47-second mark, Weezy chooses his frequent collaborator, Nicki, and alludes to hooking up with her.

"We would go into the studio and make beautiful music and then go into somewhere else and make beautiful something else." We can't evaluate the veracity of the Nicki comments, except to say that Truffle Butter continues to be a classic party staple for us. So whatever they're doing, it's working.