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After LeBron James alluded to the fact that he would love to play with Anthony Davis on the Lakers, LaVar Ball took it upon himself to put a damper on the King's dream. 

During a Monday run in with TMZ, the father of Lakers guard Lonzo Ball admitted hat he doesn't know anything about the reported L.A. dinner that James had with Davis and that he doesn't think the Lakers need the Pelicans all-star. 

"They got enough people," Ball said. "I don't care who Lonzo is playing with. The only person I want to see him playing with is his brothers," he added.

LeBron's admission that he would relish playing with AD sent shock waves across the league, after some GMs accused the Lakers star of tampering. James did his best to shut down any controversy when he told reporters that he plays by the rules. "Ask me would I like to play with Kevin Durant?" James said. "Absolutely. Ask me would I like to play with Jimmy Butler. Ask me about Kyrie Irving, Giannis. Ask me about [Joel] Embiid. Ben Simmons. All of them. Luka Doncic. Ask me right now. Come on guys, it’s not rocket science. These are great players, absolutely. I would like to play with great players because that’s who I am.

"People get caught up in bunches, sometimes when they wish you can control what they say, but they can’t control me at all. And I play by the rules," he said.

There's no telling what's behind Ball's latest ruminations, but it's worth noting that if the Lakers do get AD, it might be Lonzo who heads to the Pelicans in return.