Jeff Van Gundy has opened up a new front in the NBA's never-ending generational war. Though older players and fans might be content to call new players soft, describe the time they saw Charles Barkley literally rip a dude's head off, and keep it moving, Van Gundy is pining for the days of intense rivalries between teams. 

The former coach of the Rockets and Knicks said that the lack of contact allowed between players leads to a buddy-buddy vibe, not giving animosity the space it needs to fester into full-blown hatred. 

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski quoted Van Gundy on Twitter. 

“I wish there was a little bit more contact because I think contact would bring more conflict," he reportedly said. "What we’re missing is conflict. People exchanging jerseys after games, the unending hugs. It’s hard to find a true, nasty rivalry."

It's like Joe Talbot said, "Pain leads to anger, anger leads to bench-clearing brawls in the playoffs." 

If Van Gundy wants to see a little more hate, he needs to adjust his sights. Just look at the Golden State Warriors or find the last person who had to guard Joel Embiid. There's plenty of bad blood to go around. 

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