It's fair to say that things aren't going well for the Chicago Bulls. Jim Boylen hasn't been coach of the struggling team for an entire week yet, and it looks like he's a misstep or two away from a full-blown mutiny. After a humiliating loss to the Boston Celtics on December 8, players debated among themselves if they should even show up at the practice facility today.

A little context: the Bulls were coming off back-to-back games that included the worst loss in franchise history. That 133-77 drubbing featured some strange, demoralizing moves by Boylen including several 5-man substitutions. Boylen reportedly called a practice on Sunday, but the players pushed back, eventually turning the practice into a team meeting.

Most coaches would be hard-pressed to create a situation worse than "players debating even showing up after two games." Most coaches aren't Jim Boylen, who looked at fans who thought things couldn't get worse and said: "Hold my Old Style." The newly installed head coach decided to argue with the players and press about whose idea it was to hold a meeting rather than a practice session. 

When coupled with the fact that Boylen made star players like Zach LaVine sit for the final 21 minutes of their most recent loss, things really don't look great in Chicagoland. Are we about to see the rare three-head-coach season?  

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