ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski has learned that the Washington Wizards fined John Wall for unloading a "verbal barrage" directed at head coach Scott Brooks during a practice session last week. When Wall and his Wizards teammates were reportedly pushed by Brooks and Jeff Green to raise their level of intensity, he fired back at his head coach, saying, "F--- you." Wojnarowski reports Wall apologized to Brooks shortly thereafter, and spoke to his teammates about the incident the following day. 

Wall's fine speaks to a growing problem within the Wizards organization. The team is spiraling on and off the court. The Wizards were expected to push for a playoff spot this season, however, they are currently 11th in the Eastern Conference with a 5-11 record. Their poor start has also rehashed the bad blood between their lone superstars, Wall and Bradley Beal. According to Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic, Beal responded to the five-time All-Star's outburst by telling team officials, "I've been dealing with this for seven years." 

Beal's frustration stems from what can be pegged to his long-standing acrimonious relationship with Wall, and a desire to start anew somewhere else. Beal could get his wish as Wojnarowski reported earlier today that every player on the Wizards' roster is available in trade discussions.

Since the Wizards are tied to Beal for $55.8 million over the next two years, it's possible that Washington would be better suited finding a trade partner willing to take the 2018 All-Star, and his reasonable priced contract. That, however, leaves the Wizards with Wall, who has proven these last two years to be more of a headache, than someone who can help take this franchise to the promised land.