On Monday evening Joel Embiid and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin surprised whoever happened to be at the NBA Store located where 45th and 5th Avenue intersect in NYC. The purpose of the duo's visit? Well, they were attempting to see who could check out more customers from behind the register(s), which Rubin also did at the same shop this past Saturday.

For those thinking that that may be somewhat of a random cashier to bump into over Thanksgiving Weekend, A) You're right, but B) Rubin is also the executive chairman of Fanatics, which happens to be the apparel company that runs the store. The loser of Monday's contest was to suffer the indignity of donning an ugly Sixers Christmas sweater, which actually isn't as embarrassing as it would've been a few years ago when the team was awful.

For those not at 45th and 5th during the period Embiid and Rubin were there (a.k.a. like almost everybody on the planet) there were some tweets to capture the event. Without further ado:

As for who won, it was not Embiid: