Things got a heated at the end of Saturday night's game as the Lakers and Rockets' point guards, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul, exchanged punches. While fighting is nothing new, it was clear to basketball fans that this one was more personal.

NBA analyst Shams Charania reported that someone from Rondo's family went after Chris Paul's wife, Jada, in a confrontation. The family member said some inappropriate comments to her after the fight, which pissed off Paul even more according to Rockets beat writer Jonathan Feigen.

Chris Paul was still so angry after the game, multiple individuals said, because a member of Rajon Rondo's family made "inappropriate" comments to Paul's wife, Jada, in the stands after the altercation.

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) October 21, 2018

The altercation came following the tense closing minutes. Rondo was coming to the defense of Brandon Ingram after he pushed reigning MVP James Harden in the back. Paul, who appeared to be wiping his face prior to swinging on Rondo, says the Lakers guard incited the altercation by spitting on him. However, Lonzo Ball, claims the altercation began because Paul touched Rondo's face. Regardless, the NBA is now investigating the incident and is expected to deal suspensions to both sides before Rockets-Clippers game on Sunday night.