It appears you can put a price on privacy. After J.R. Smith turned himself in to the NYPD in August over a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, he can now put the whole incident behind him. According to Smith's lawyer Alex Spiro on Wednesday, prosecutor John Johnsen agreed to have Smith pay a $600 penalty to the fan whose phone Smith chucked into a construction site. (The newest iteration of the iPhone retails for around $750.)

"We have reached dismissal in Cellphone-gate," Spiro joked to reporters on Thursday.

On July 26, the 20-year-old Pennsylvania man detailed for police how Smith destroyed his cellie. The offense? An attempt to snap a pic of the NBA wingman as he was leaving a Chelsea-area restaurant, the Park (their potato pancakes are delicious). Smith asked the man to stop taking pictures, and the request was ignored. So, the New Jersey native grabbed the phone out of his hands and tossed it. Phone-less, the victim then relied on his friend's mobile to notify police of the transgression. 

Smith wasn't in court for the arrangement, but he will be back for the arraignment on Nov. 15.