Jimmy Butler is still with the Timberwolves. This despite asking to be traded over the summer, allegedly right after last season ended.

The reasons have been myriad with supposed friction between Butler and max stars Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. The former's brother even got in on the act before getting son'd by Stephen Jackson. The whole rigamarole reached a crescendo when Butler went Super Saiyan at practice right before the season started. Despite all this, he's still on the team as the Timberwolves travel to Toronto to take on the Raptors Wednesday night. Before the game, Wiggins spoke up about how the events at the infamous practice were blown way out of proportion.

This actually jibes with one facet of that practice, which was somewhat downplayed at the time: Wiggins allegedly dapped Butler up after he dropped the mic on the team. So, how are Wiggins and Butler getting along now?   

Sure thing.

Butler will need to play like he supposedly did at the aforementioned practice—when he reportedly helped Minnesota's third team beat the starters—because he'll have his hands full when the two teams tip at 7:30 p.m. ET from Scotiabank Arena. 

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