Eminem's music provided the soundtrack for the Los Angeles Lakers' practice on Wednesday. But it wasn't just a one-time thing.

According to LeBron James, who famously joined the team this year, it's a weekly occurrence dubbed "White Boy Wednesday."

"Today’s White Boy Wednesday. Seriously," he said to a group of chuckling reporters. "You’re laughing, but today’s White Boy Wednesday. It’s the only white boy music day, which I enjoy. I love Eminem. But it was more than just Eminem. We had a lot of good music today." LeBron said the move was for head coach Luke Walton and assistant coach Mark Madsen, aka Mad Max. "It was a good day," he said.

But just in case it wasn't clear, James made sure to double check that it's not just him who knows about White Boy Wednesday.

"It’s a universal thing, right?" he said after the Q&A session, according to USA Today. "It’s just like taco Tuesdays. It’s a [expletive] thing. You guys look at me crazy when I said, it like, 'Oh, [expletive], white boys Wednesdays.'" One person confirmed that it is indeed a thing. "I’m about to say, 'Don’t be looking at me crazy,'" said James.

Earlier this year LeBron praised Eminem's Kamikaze. "Now if y'all think this @Eminem 'Kamikaze' album isn't *fire emojis* you're just hating and incompetent of lyrics/cadence/breakdown of his raps," he tweeted. Can't argue with the King, right?