Let's not overreact to this, if at all possible. It's training camp, and every self-aware NBA star knows the power of their words, especially when their employer is concerned. That's why we should take comments from Kyrie Irving on Toucher and Rich with a grain of salt:

Irving answered a bevy of questions during media day, from his Uncle Drew film, his Friends tattoo (Joey is his favorite character because he's "loopy"), his knee injury last season, to the trade away from Cleveland. But the "rumors, rumors, rumors" he's alluding to at the 2:12 mark certainly exist

Whether he's teaming with Jimmy Butler, or Kevin Durant, the allure of basketball's Mecca at MSG can't be discounted. Even if, when the hosts joked about Knicks players having to attend James Dolan concerts every month, Kyrie sheepishly asked "Is that for real?" It says something he even had to ask. 

When taking to Rachel Nichols of The Jump, Kyrie appeared to double down on his allegiance to the Celtics:

The Knicks haven't been quiet about their plans for next summer, but if Irving's comments to a Boston radio show during training camp are any indication, Celtics fans have nothing to fear. And even if he does leave, it's not like the Shamrocks are at a loss for talent