The LeBron James mural which was once on display in Venice, California is no more. Soon after it went up, the art piece got completely wiped, and replaced with large patches of white paint. In its short time of existence, the original image of Lebron in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey accompanied by the phrase "The King of L.A." received some pushback from natives who felt that the four-time league MVP didn’t deserve such high praise before playing a single game in the purple and gold.

Twitter user @BenOsaze called for the mural to be defaced in a tweet and offered a $300 reward to the person who followed through on the request. Two days after the message was posted, the piece was vandalized and littered with insults, including "No King," "LeFraud," "We don’t want you," as well as "3-6," a reference to his poor Finals record.

Shortly after the news of the vandalism got around, the mural was fixed with a minor change that removed the word "of" from "The King of L.A." The alteration must not have been worth the headache that the mural was creating, and led to someone removing the piece altogether.

As @BenOsaze, the self-proclaimed "Unofficial Spokesperson for the Los Angeles Lakers Fanbase," explained to those individuals who questioned why he would want someone to deface an image of LeBron in a Lakers jersey: "No murals until he wins a title." 

Just because the Lakers have been in rebuild mode over the last few years, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an organization that has won 16 championships, and helped turn legends like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Kobe Bryant into hometown heroes, and global superstars. If James wants to put himself alongside that illustrious list, he will need to prove it to Lakers Nation, and maybe then, the people of L.A. will happily create a mural in his honor.