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Stephen Curry has more than proven his worth as a basketball player. He is a two-time regular season MVP, a three-time NBA champion, and a superstar on arguably the most dominate team to ever be assembled on the hardwood. Now, Chef Curry is going to try his hand at cooking up some accolades in another field: the world of television and film.

Featured in the latest cover story for Variety, the 30-year old NBA superstar breaks down exactly what made him want to try his luck in the world of Hollywood. Back in April, Curry initially announced his next business move with news of a partnership between his production company, Unanimous Media, and Sony Pictures Entertainment that will allow him to create various forms of media content focused on faith, family, and sports. 

"It was very important for us as a company to sign Steph," Sony Pictures Entertainment's executive VP of brand partnerships and global strategy Jeffrey Godsick told Variety. "He chose us over many other opportunities he had because of the diversity for the company in so many different areas of entertainment, gaming, music, and TV. We cover every area of pop culture and entertainment. That was important to him."

Expect future film projects from Curry's camp to be based around religious holidays like Christmas and Easter along with various other themes tied to his faith. Still, some might only focus on sports and family with no real connection to religion.

"It’s not about me hitting people over the head with a Bible and telling them they have to believe a certain thing, or think a certain way," said Curry. 

Professional basketball players entering the fold of the entertainment industry is nothing new. Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most notable examples, having starred in feature films like Kazaam and Steel, releasing rap albums, and even releasing a video game during his playing career. Kyrie Irving has been bitten by the acting bug and can currently be seen on the silver screen as the leading role in the summer blockbuster Uncle Drew. Even Kobe Bryant got into the world of entertainment post-retirement and won himself an Oscar for his animated short Dear Basketball.

However, LeBron James might be the best example. He has already had a hand in the production of certain programming, and many consider his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers at least partly fueled by his desire to continue his push into Hollywood.

Don't worry, though, Warriors fans. Curry still knows he has to focus on dropping buckets when the season rolls back around. "I have to make sure I’m the best basketball player I can be for the next however long I’m playing."