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Shaq has had a very successful career post-NBA, working as everything from a commentator and rapper, to an actor and DJ. His DJ career in particular has taken off in some pretty unexpected ways. Performing under the name DJ Diesel, a recent set of his saw Shaq leading a pretty troll-like chant aimed at his friend Charles Barkley.

During the set, Shaq shouted, "Barkley has no rings." The screen behind him flashed the same message, and the Echostage crowd in Washington D.C. seemed to love it. Shaq also got the crowd to chant "Barkley sucks." While the two are clearly good friends in real life, Shaq has always had a big sense of humor and has loved taking any chance he can get to take a shot at Barkley. Initially shared by Shaq himself on Billboard's Instagram account, which he took over during the weekend, the full video of the moment is now available over on Billboard.

It remains to be seen if Barkley will respond, but knowing the two, they'll probably keep this fun beef going for the foreseeable future. As TMZ notes, Shaq previously took shots at Kobe Bryant back in the day, too. He once freestyled, "Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes."


@djdieselakashaq had @hq2ac ROCKIN #shaqworldtour

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