Earlier this week, Warriors star Kevin Durant appeared on Blazers guard C.J. McCollum's excellent new podcast, Pull Up. The episode made the rounds online because Durant roasted McCollum, telling him the Blazers played "like an eighth seed" in this year's postseason and laughing off their 2018-19 title chances. As you'd expect with these two, both of whom are transparent on social media, the conversation didn't die there. They engaged with fans on Twitter.

The second round of this "beef"—if you could call it that—began with McCollum calling Durant's decision to join the Warriors "soft."

Unsurprisingly, Durant was not happy with that tweet. He responded by calling McCollum a snake.

Then Durant started going back and forth with a bunch of other random Twitter users, only to later delete the tweets.

McCollum tried to get everyone to calm down.

C.J. can say there's no bad blood, but it seems the situation left both players—especially Durant—feeling a bit salty.