Anyone who plays pickup basketball knows there are some players who take it too seriously. Ball is life, of course, but no one should enter a pickup game OK with hurting another player. There are also, however, some players who are way too sensitive. Fouls inevitably occur; if you're playing hoops, you're going to get hacked at some point.

Things boiled over in a pickup game that resulted in one offended party actually calling the police after he felt he was fouled too hard. The story spread after a witness shared a Twitter account of the two men with the cops.

Apparently, the man in the black (on the right) got screened by the man in the arm sleeves, and he fell down. It appears they were playing pickup in a commercial fitness center.

It seems the screen wasn't even that bad.

It's a silly story, but let it be a lesson to us all: don't call the cops just because you get fouled in a pickup game, or you might end up going viral. Also: shout out to this Twitter user for providing some basketball entertainment during a down time in the calendar, when all we have is Summer League.

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