No one seems to know what LeBron James will do this summer. Will he return to Cleveland? Bolt for a potential contender like Houston, Boston, or Philadelphia? Try to rebuild a broken franchise in a major city like Los Angeles?

It's anyone's guess. If any player around the league has an inkling of how LeBron will make his decision, however, that player is likely Dwyane Wade. The two are close friends and played together in Cleveland and Miami.

D-Wade shared his perspective on LeBron's free agency—because everyone is sharing their perspective on it these days—during a Sunday appearance on Fox Sports Radio with Chris Mannix and Caron Butler. Flash said he thinks LeBron's decision will boil down more to lifestyle and family than roster makeup.

"To me, I don’t think it’s a basketball thing," Wade explained. "Obviously, you saw this year he can get to the Finals no matter what the circumstances are. I don't really think the basketball decision of saying, 'Oh, let me go team up with three All-Stars.' I think at this point in his life, it's more so of a lifestyle thing of where my family is going to be the most comfortable and where I'm going to be the most happiest at. Because basketball wise, he's so great that he can bring along and take along whoever."

That perspective adds support to the argument of those who think he could head to Los Angeles or Miami. The Lakers currently have the best odds of signing LeBron, while Philly is second and Miami is third.

LeBron, however, has consistently said basketball is his biggest motivation.

"I still want to be in championship mode," he said after Game 4 of the Finals. "I think I've shown this year why I will still continue to be in championship mode."