Things got tense on the Inside the NBA set Tuesday night—and whenever that happens, NBA fans are guaranteed amazing television. As is often the case, Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley, two of the best bigs to ever play the game and two of the league's biggest personalities, started chirping at each other as they debated DeMar DeRozan and Dwane Casey's respective futures with the Raptors, who just got swept by the Cavs in the second round.

This time, however, their exchange got especially heated. The argument quickly got personal, with Shaq insulting Chuck's mentality and Chuck denigrating Shaq's championship rings. Barkley said the Raptors were "never going to win" unless their coach and best player got on the same page, but Shaq disagreed. He pointed to his 2006 title with Miami, saying he and Pat Riley never got along.

Barkley then noted that Dwyane Wade was the best player on that team, and Shaq started yelling. He told Barkley he "didn't win" because he "got babied," and the Raptors can't baby DeRozan.

Barkley's response was priceless: "I didn't have Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant carrying me up and down the court," he shot back.

Naturally, Shaq pointed to his four rings and three Finals MVPs, instructing his co-host to, "Google me, Chuck!" Watch the explosive exchange below.

It's moments like this, or like when Shaq and Kenny Smith debated the best way to pay for gas, that make Inside the NBA must-watch TV.