Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, who is working toward an NFL comeback, was hospitalized in Texas Monday night. Manziel had an adverse reaction to an increased dosage of lithium, a drug which had been prescribed to him to combat bipolar disorder.

The 25-year-old reportedly suffered no harmful long-term effects and has been released from the hospital in Humble, Texas. Manziel's representative, Denise Michaels, told TMZ Sports the quarterback is "fine."

Manziel released a statement addressing the incident.

"It was a scary moment and I'm especially grateful for the staff at the hospital and all that they've done in the last 24 hours," Manziel said.

He was in the area to participate in a golf tournament that Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, Manziel's former Texas A&M teammate, was hosting, and to attend the JMBLYA concert with friends.

"I am taking medication for bipolar," Manziel said in February on Good Morning America. "And I am working to try to make sure I don't fall back into any type of depression, because I know where that leads me and I know how slippery a slope that is for me."

Manziel has recently done a bunch of press discussing his first stint in the NFL, his mental health battles, and his efforts to return to the league. He told Dan Patrick in early April that he wasn't mature when he entered the league, but also entered a bad situation in Cleveland, where he struggled to find help.