Whoever is in charge of the New York Jets’ social media deserves a raise for this one. On Thursday, teams across the league unveiled their schedules for the upcoming 2018 NFL season. While most franchises probably created some generic presentation that involved a photo along with information on the games and dates, the Jets thought outside of the box.

Borrowing from the Mario Kart series, we see Luigi pulling up to the start of the race at Koopa Troopa Beach. Only the real ones know Koopa Troopa Beach when they see it. The choice of Luigi is a nice touch since the character and the Jets share a predominantly green color scheme. As Luigi drives through the course, every time he makes contact with an item box, a team on their upcoming 2018 schedule is revealed. Check it out below. 

The unique presentation is a nice break from the predictable and boring format of NFL schedule releases to which we've sadly grown accustomed. With that being said, unlike Luigi, the Jets will not finish in first place next season.

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