LeBron James put the Cavs on his back in the first round. He willed his team to victory in seven games over the upstart Indiana Pacers, who played as well as we should have all expected and made it a fascinating series.

In that series, LeBron averaged 34.4 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game. Most importantly, he stayed on the court practically the entire series—he averaged 41.1 minutes per game. As a reminder, LeBron played in all 82 games in this year's regular season for the first time in his career, so he's already probably a little bit more tired than usual.

After Cleveland's 105-101 win Sunday, he wasn't yet ready to think about Cleveland's next opponent, the Toronto Raptors. King James said he was "burnt" and just asked if he could go home, ending his press conference early.

"I don't know. I'm burnt right now," LeBron said. "I'm not thinking about Toronto right now until tomorrow. I want to go home. Can we? I'm tired and want to go home."

It's totally understandable considering the load he shouldered for his team. He played 43 minutes Sunday.

Though LeBron did the lion's share of the work, a few other Cavs chipped in: Tristan Thompson stepped up with 15 points and 10 boards, Kevin Love added 14 points and six rebounds, George Hill added 11 points and six rebounds, and J.R. Smith added 11 points.

Game One of Cavs-Raptors is set for Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.