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Hold onto your butts. The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday—if you somehow didn't know—and as far as we're concerned, real talk, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

The slog that is the NBA regular season is finally over and done with. We’ve anointed the best 16 teams in the league and given them the privilege to duke it out for the Larry O’Brien Trophy and the right to throw a parade for millions of their fans should they win.

The intensity is ratcheted. The stakes are real. The consequences of a bad game, a bad half, or even a bad quarter will haunt players for months, if not years. The pressure is on the Warriors to repeat, the Rockets to get over the hump, LeBron to reach an eighth consecutive NBA Finals, the Raptors to finally make some noise in the East, and for a bunch of playoff newcomers to raise their game to a new level.

We’re offering up our 2018 NBA Playoff Primer in 15 easily digestible portions and providing answers to questions like: Can (should?) Houston win it all? What playoff debuts are we most hyped to see? Who will be the breakout star of the 2018 playoffs? Do the Raptors really stand a chance against LeBron and co.? And if you want to throw down a few dollars on the action, we even offer up some value-based selections just so you can make things a little more interesting as you follow along from now until the middle of June.

The NBA Playoffs have arrived, kids. Make sure you’re prepared to son your buddies in all the appropriate talking points because it’s time for some action.