Floyd Mayweather has reportedly set his sights on applying for a professional MMA license in the foreseeable future, but he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Even though Mayweather revealed that he’s been training with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, he can’t possibly believe that he would be close to ready to square off with anyone in the Octagon in a matter of six to eight months.

In an interview with TMZ, UFC fighter Dominick Cruz didn’t pull any punches when he confessed that he would need just one arm to beat Mayweather. “He’s only got two tools. He doesn’t have the other eight,” Cruz said. “He doesn’t have grappling. He doesn’t have kicks. He doesn’t have knees. He doesn’t have elbows.”

Cruz also offered up some advice for Mayweather as he prepares to possibly compete in his first MMA bout later this year. “I’ll give him a hint—focus on your takedown defense no matter who you’re fighting,” he said. “Don’t worry about nothing else, Floyd Mayweather, just takedown defense. And if you really break it down, he’s already thinking that way. Why do you think he’s training with Tyron Woodley?”

If Mayweather wants to better understand how difficult the transition from the ring to the Octagon will be, he should look at the opponent he faced in his last bout. It didn't matter how dedicated Conor McGregor was to learning the craft of boxingthis is something that takes years of hard work and dedication. MMA is no different, and if Floyd isn't smart about how he plans to compete in the sport, he will learn his lesson the hard way with millions of fans watching.