Floyd Mayweather hasn't been shy about his interest in MMA, but now it sounds like things are getting pretty serious. The 41-year-old retired from boxing last year following his highly-anticipated fight with UFC fighter Conor McGregor, but now TMZ is reporting that Mayweather hopes to make his UFC debut sometime soon.

"Everything takes time. Eventually, we're gonna apply for the license, and hopefully we can fight," Mayweather told TMZ. "Even if it takes six to eight months—whatever it takes. We want to make sure that everything is done correctly." Mayweather recently revealed that he's been training with UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and if he stays true to his word, it sounds like we could see a McGregor vs. Mayweather rematch before the end of the year.

"I'ma start soon," Floyd told TMZ at the time. "We been texting back and forth, we talked a couple of times, so we gonna start working out real soon. With everything, you’ve got to make adjustments, so it's probably gonna be a little difficult, but it is what it is."

Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza told TMZ earlier this year that he's confident that Floyd could take part in an MMA fight in the future. Now that Floyd's actively seeking to get a license, it's looking more and more likely his fighting career isn't over.