Johnny Manziel hasn't played in an NFL game since 2015, but he still has every intention of joining a professional football team. In January, rumors surfaced that he could play in the new iteration of the XFL. Previously, he had flirted with the idea of playing in the CFL. But it's clear what Manziel wants most of all is a return to the biggest stage.

On Thursday, he made his first real step towards a comeback as he was the quarterback delivering balls to wannabe NFL wideouts at the University of San Diego's pro day. According to reports, almost half the league was in attendance:

You may notice that one of the teams listed above was not the Broncos, but not only were they in attendance, they reportedly were there to see Manziel:

According to Mr. NFL insider himself, Adam Schefter, Manziel had a strong showing for the scouts:

ESPN adds that Manziel, who has been working with QB guru George Whitfield Jr., took on the role as signal caller for the day because the team didn't have a quarterback available to participate.

After the workout Manziel told media that he knows he'll have to prove to the league's front offices that he's a changed man. He further added that he believes he's in the best shape of his life, and that next week he'll participate in a developmental league in Austin, Texas called The Spring League.

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