Former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel is the latest person to join the list of celebrities who have feuded with Michael Rapaport. Things kicked off when Manziel posted an image of himself wearing a shirt with Rapaport donning a clown nose to his Instagram Stories feed.

Rapaport—who has previously trashed Lonzo Ball, feuded with Spike Lee, and bashed LeBron James’ Michael Jordan aspirations—quickly hopped in Manziel’s mentions to respond on Saturday.

“Yo Johnny Manziel you cluck head bath salt sniffer, I told you before you need SweatShirts it’s gets cold in Canada, you ain’t playing in the NFL again Cluck Head,” Rapaport tweeted, before taking additional digs at Manziel’s battles with substance abuse. “Take yourself to a meeting asap, before you have a relapse @JManziel2. Saturday’s are for 12 Step Meetings.”

Manziel has been public about how substance abuse and dealing with bipolar disorder affected his NFL career. The former first-round NFL pick decided to fire back at Rapaport.

“That’s cool man you can make fun of AA, Mental Health, whatever helps you sleep at night,” Manziel tweeted. “I’m doing what I have to do to not be an asshole anymore. You should try it, life’s better on this side.”

The cringe-inducing Twitter fight between the two didn’t end there, as Rapaport went back in for a second round of bath salt references.

And like any disagreement between two rational adults, things devolved into a who started it with Manziel's reply.

The Barstool Sports “RP Clown Tee” featuring Rapaport’s likeness that apparently sparked this feud is still for sale despite the actor, director, and producer reportedly sending the site a cease-and-desist letter. Given what happened to Manziel, buyers might want to watch their mentions if they choose to purchase one and show off on social media.

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