Even though he has created his own legacy in the NBA, LeBron James will never be able to live down the "Jordan" comparisons. Ever. And since his secret motivation after leaving Miami to win a championship in Cleveland, LeBron seems to be taking on the comparison by many in the media and fans alike when he said on Tuesday morning that he's motivated by chasing Jordan's "ghost." 

Michael Rapaport doesn't think so. Not one bit. On ESPN's SportsNation Tuesday evening, the actor spit flames about the four-time MVP and three-time NBA champion's notion of chasing Jordan's elusive ghost. In the clip above, you can see how ridiculous Rapaport thinks James is when he stated his newly publicized motivation.

"You ain't Jordan, duke," he said. "You wasn't Jordan the first time you lost in the Finals. You wasn't Jordan the second time you lost in the Finals. And you wasn't Jordan when you started losing your hair."

For some reason, Rapaport continued his diatribe on Jordan making balding "cool," as opposed to LeBron making it "a slow, painful, romantic comedy" that he wants to end. Damn, he had to throw in the receding hairline barb, too? Tell 'em how you feel Mike upon defending the greatest "Mike" in sports history.

LeBron can't seem to live down those putrid receding hairline jokes. Whatever made the original "Zebrahead" so mad at LeBron? Your guess is as good as mine. But we're waiting for the day he says these same snaps to LeBron's face. That'll be the day, won't it?