To say that actor and director Michael Rapaport makes his feelings on LaVar Ball and Lonzo Ball known is putting it lightly, as he's never missed a chance to speak up about either of them in recent times. He also fancies himself as something of a rap critic, so when Lonzo Ball shared his debut rap album Born 2 Ball, it was only a matter of time before Rapaport chimed in with his verdict. He's already called Lonzo's music "garbage" in the past, and he took it a step further with Born 2 Ball.

"Lonzo Ball's rap album is everything you'd expect... and less," he says in a post he shared to Instagram. "Some people might call Born 2 Ball trap music, well that's an insult to trap music. This ain't trap music, this trash music. I will say the most interesting song on the record is titled 'LaVar', so the most interesting thing on Lonzo Ball's rookie hip-hop CD is LaVar, and the most interesting thing about Lonzo Ball's rookie NBA season... is LaVar."

It only gets more brutal from there, too, with him calling out those defending Lonzo's efforts due to his age. "Some people might say, 'He's just a kid, this is just his first record, leave him alone.' Fuck that shit. Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One; they were all kids when they came out with their records. Nas put out Illmatic when he was motherfucking 19." He continues from there, criticizing Lonzo's basketball abilities and his decision to host a $199 autograph signing session.