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Just when you thought the war of words between Conor McGregor and 50 Cent had died down, The Notorious dedicated an Instagram post on International Women’s Day to 50, and it’s as difficult to comprehend as the fighter himself. "Happy international Women's day everyone! Get your tits out for the lads ladies," McGregor​ wrote. The professional mixed martial artist and boxer​ continued, Superior genes my big ballsack mate. I am made of granite. You need a bra. You jabbed up fool. Hahahaha you should have stayed quiet and promoted that fight for me on the free like you did."

After taking a few shots at the rapper, McGregor appears to switch up his tone midway through the lengthy post. “It's all love tho fifty serious, you are a mad bastard, but we still proper love a few of your tunes over on this side of the world,” he wrote. He also incorrectly says 50's age is 50 when it's actually 42. 

Is this a sign of McGregor preparing to squash or reignite his feud with his longtime foe? A tongue-in-cheek homage to his longtime foe? Take a look at the post below and judge for yourself.

Just a few days back 50 went after Conor by saying that he cheated on his partner, Dee Devlin. Let's see how this plays out.