Steph Curry recently sat down with CNN's Van Jones to talk at length about the future of the Golden State Warriors, and his ongoing feud with Donald Trump among other topics.

Speaking with Jones, Curry was asked how he'd feel if Lebron James transferred to the L.A. Lakers. "Obviously I feel like our team is the team to beat, we got some work to do... But I'm pretty confident in ourselves," he told Jones. 

"I guess the world... the NBA world is his oyster, he can figure out what he wants to do next year," he explained. "But right now we're trying to win a championship man, and it's fun right now."

He says he wouldn't lose any sleep over a possible transfer if it were to happen, and he definitely doesn't seem too concerned about the possibility. 

During the chat, he also talked about Trump tweeting about him. "It was surreal at the beginning, ​for a lot of different reasons." After Curry said he wasn't interested in visiting the White House, Trump said his invitation was withdrawn in a tweet. "I think we can definitely use our time better when we go to D.C.," he said of the decision to not visit.