The NCAA can't erase your memories, tattoos, or the time you may have spent watching Louisville win the 2013 college basketball championship. But it can officially strip said title from the record books. That's exactly what the organization did on Tuesday after rejecting Louisville's 68-page appeal to not vacate their title in the wake of an escort scandal that ran from 2011-15. With the final ruling, the men's basketball program was given the unfortunate distinction of being the first D1 men's hoops champs to have their title stripped.

Though Kyle Kuzma didn't go to Louisville in college—he was a Utah Ute—the rookie forward called out the NCAA by writing a response to the above tweet where he questioned where exactly they get off:

This isn't the first time someone has raised this argument. But it does show that there's discontent amongst some of the athletes who prop up the organization, which has been quite evident for some time.