"That's Kyle Kuzma," whispered everyone backstage at Mountain Dew's massive NBA All-Star celebration this past weekend.

At 6'9", the Los Angeles Lakers power forward is hard to miss, but the attention doesn't seem to bother him. All eyes have been on the 22-year-old rookie since he arrived in Los Angeles last summer. His 15.7 points and 5.9 rebounds per game has Lakers fans hyped for his future. However, being paired with rookie teammate Lonzo Ball has catapulted him into a different level of celebrity thanks to his constant pranking and flaming of the No. 2 draft pick on social media. 

We caught up with Kuzma to talk Ball's rap career, Quavo's NBA prospects, and whether or not he will drop a mixtape of his own.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Lonzo Ball just dropped his mixtape ‘Born 2 Ball.’ Review it in one sentence or less.
Solid. There are five songs that I kind of like. But it’s good though. He’s really talented on and off the court.

Is Lonzo the best rapper in the NBA?
Zo? Probably not. Dame [Lillard] is nice, Dame has bars. He’s more my type of rapper, though.

Would you rap?
Privately, I could rap. I’m not going to make a mixtape or anything, but I got a few bars.

Kyle Kuzma Kevin Hart Dew All-Star Weekend 2018
Image via Getty/Phillip Faraone

Which rapper is ready for an NBA contract?
J.Cole is probably the closest.

Quavo on the Lakers?
Probably give him a two-way deal, maybe. He’s got a little game, for sure.

Describe your dream flavor collab with Mountain Dew.
I would start with some Kickstart, but honestly I would want my own flavor.