By now, you’ve probably seen what Kevin Hart did at the end of Super Bowl LII in Minnesota on Sunday night. The Philadelphia-born comedian attempted to get up on the Super Bowl stage to celebrate the Eagles’ victory with the team before getting turned away by a security guard. Then, he crashed the NFL Network stage during a live broadcast and dropped an F-bomb before excusing himself from the set. Hart attempted to explain his behavior in an Instagram post he put up on Monday morning.

The first thought most people had after see Hart losing his mind at the Super Bowl was "Whoa, how much did that guy have to drink?" It’s something Hart himself alluded to in his IG video, as he readily admitted to having one too many drinks during the course of the Super Bowl, which in turn led to him acting a fool on the field.

But just in case you needed to see visual evidence of Hart downing drinks during the Super Bowl, he shared a behind-the-scenes video on Monday night that counted down all of the drinks he had during the game (final count: 11). The video—which included the hashtags #ImDoneDrinkingForALongTime and #ImStillHungover— also featured Hart getting stuck in the middle of a huddle with a group of Eagles players and is pretty damn hilarious. You can watch it below.

Prior to putting that video up, Hart also showed that he did more than just drink and celebrate the Eagles winning the Super Bowl over the last 36 hours. He also managed to hop a flight to Philadelphia on Monday morning—and it wasn’t to join in the debauchery that was taking place in the city post-Super Bowl.

Rather, Hart visited Philly to meet with a young fan who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He brightened up the fan’s day by making jokes about how he’s best friends with her now and by alluding to his Super Bowl shenanigans. You can watch that video here.

Hart has already had a hell of a week, and there’s a chance it might not be over. On Monday, the Eagles announced they will be holding their Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia on Thursday morning, and it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see Hart hit the streets for it. Stay tuned to see if he shows up.