Behind a monster third quarter, the Golden State Warriors cruised to a 125-111 win over the New York Knicks Monday night at Madison Square Garden. JaVale McGee put up 10 points, three assists, and three boards in the W.

As the Warriors pulled away in the third quarter, Kevin Durant tried to drop the ball off near the basket to McGee, but he fumbled the pass. Then, with Kyle O'Quinn guarding him closely and 8 seconds left on the shot clock, McGee attempted—and knocked down!—an 11-foot fadeaway jumper. It wasn't the type of shot you'd expect to see in McGee's repertoire.

The Warriors are a premium draw when they're traveling, so anytime they hit N.Y., you can bet there will be a ton of celebrities in attendance. Among those who showed up Monday: the 55-year-old former host of The Daily Show Jon StewartStewart had the perfect response to McGee's turnaround J.

His response became an instant meme.