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During Super Bowl Sunday, 19-year-old Alexander Romero was scrolling through his Twitter timeline when he came across a ridiculous tweet by a stranger.

The user @skrtethan2—who goes by Ethan—wrote, “I hate when girls pretend to know about football just to look cool it's just fucking dumb.”

But Romero decided to play a joke on Ethan. In response to Ethan’s tweet, “this game is crazy actually #superbowl,” Romero said, “hell yeah did you see that touchdown by gary coleman?” To which Ethan responded, “yeah i was hyped he’s too good, the pats aint winning this one.”

But the joke was on Ethan. The late Gary Coleman wasn’t even a football player. The actor best known for his role as Arnold Jackson in Diff’rent Strokes.

“I saw his dumb tweet and laughed about it, because I’ve seen people brag about knowing football, when in reality, they don't know as much as they say they do,” Romero told Buzzfeed News. He added that he chose Coleman “because it sounds like a football player's name and he's not a super-big name that everyone would know.”

Clearly, Ethan was one of those people. Ethan told Buzzfeed that “it was embarrassing at first,” but he eventually “got over it and laughed at my stupidity.”

Ethan ended up deleting his original tweet, but Romero kept the receipts, just in case you ever thought girls were the only ones who "pretend to know about football."