Conor McGregor took to Instagram today to announce his return to the Octagon, posting a shot of himself alongside a lengthy caption that's as braggadocios as you might expect from the Irish fighter. "I am fighting again. Period. I am the best at this," the caption read.  

McGregor hasn't returned to the sport since UFC 205 in Nov. 2016 when he took the lightweight crown against Eddie Alvarez. It's been a lengthy hiatus since then, with McGregor, of course, making his boxing debut last summer against Floyd Mayweather.


"Please respect the insane amount of work outside the fight game that I have put in. On top of the fighting. I am here. It is on them to come and get me. Because I am here," another portion of the caption read. He also claimed he wanted to take part in UFC 222, but organizers went with another option due to financial and time constraints.

It's unclear when exactly McGregor will make his return, but by the time he does, he'll likely be making it without his title. UFC President Dana White confirmed an upcoming fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov would effectively strip McGregor of his current lightweight title. “It’s not for the interim title, that fight is for the title," White told TMZ, acknowledging this would mean McGregor would have to give up the belt. White also mentioned that no deal had yet been reached with Mayweather, who has been hinting at an MMA debut, about his own future in the sport, but that "anything is possible."

McGregor's announcement should come as no surprise, as he mentioned in an interview earlier this month that he had been training for an upcoming return. "Of course I’m seeing all the stuff Floyd is putting out and I’m seeing all the stuff in the media,” he said according to Express. “I’m here with my coach, we’re going to go train tomorrow. The mind is clear, the body is sharp and we’re staying ready.”