While I could not in good conscience ever recommend watching a forced sports debate show, I can also appreciate a good rant/callout from a dude who's always had a way with words. On Wednesday's Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe pieced together a fiery hypothetical response where he, from Kevin Love's perspective, called out all the teammates who reportedly went after Love during a recent "team meeting" allegedly spearheaded by Isaiah Thomas.

Love's transgression? Well, he was targeted for leaving Cleveland’s embarrassing Saturday afternoon loss to the Thunder due to an illness, which seems like a legit excuse. Sharpe put himself into Love's shoes on Wednesday with a response that he thinks the All-Star should've countered his teammates with.

"I would say, 'You know what guys, I was just going to sit back here and play the good company guy like, 'You right, I need to play better.' But since Isaiah came for me, and I didn't send for it, I'm here now," Sharpe as Love said. "First of all, everybody's up in arms about me missing the game. I had the flu. I felt faint. I felt dizzy. I went in the locker room. There was nothing I can do. I didn't want to spread what I had so I left.

"Hold on, you guys are going to get onto me? Derrick Rose left here with a fade and came back with dreads and y'all welcome him with open arms. And you're mad that I missed 24 hours? Kick rocks, Isaiah.

"First of all you just got here, you don't have any seniority to address me in any manner," he continued. "You just got here a month ago. Where you been?! And another problem I got with you Isaiah, you can't be in the post unless it's a fire hydrant— that's going to be the only thing you can throw over. So how are you going to get me the ball? I'm shooting 30 percent when you're on the court and I shoot 20-plus percent higher when you're off the court. You can't guard anything!"

Sheesh. It's almost enough to get you to watch FS1.

From there, he went on to call out J.R. Smith for dancing, Tristan Thompson and Jae Crowder for their lack of production despite big contracts, and even LeBron for struggling a bit.

While it was a great hypothetical speech, there seemed to be one line that stood out:

As for Thomas, he's maybe trying to walk it back after the locker room news leaked.

Damage control 101.