Eli Apple’s first two NFL seasons with the New York Giants have been, well, not good. He showed some signs of promise during his rookie campaign, but his second season was so bad that by the end of it, one of his own teammates described him as a "cancer" in the Giants locker room. Apple got burned a number of times on the field, but it was that burn which probably stung the most and left Apple with a terrible taste in his mouth at the end of the year.

Because of how poorly Apple has played at times, he has, of course, been subjected to plenty of hate online. And while he’s seemingly done a decent job of deflecting it, the hate got the better of him on Sunday night. After seeing a few trolls in his mentions, Apple started firing back at them and let all of his frustrations out on those who were hating on him.

As any famous person with a Twitter account will tell you, this is not the way to go about getting trolls to leave you alone. If anything, it only makes the situation worse, as more and more trolls tend to start piling on to people as soon as they start responding.

Apple’s teammate Odell Beckham Jr. knows this all too well. He’s found himself on the wrong end of trolling one too many times and has learned to just ignore haters online. It’s the only way to get them to give up. So after Beckham Jr. saw what Apple was doing with his time on Sunday, he took it upon himself to offer up some reasonable advice early Monday morning. He told Apple to "stopppp" responding to trolls because it would only prove to be a huge waste of his time.

In an act of solidarity, Beckham Jr. also told Apple he wanted to "get up" with him this offseason, even though there’s a chance Apple might not be with the Giants much longer.

Apple responded by telling Beckham Jr. that he would stop engaging with Twitter trolls.

Beckham Jr. has, at times, been accused of not being a good leader for the Giants. But stuff like this could go a long way towards solidifying him as a dominant voice in the Giants facility. After the season they just endured, the team could certainly use it, especially if Eli Manning ends up departing this offseason, leaving a rookie quarterback behind to take his place.

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