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Washington State head football coach Mike Leach has made it a habit of doing entertaining and outlandish things over the years, largely to the amusement of anyone who is able to see or hear him. His latest antics occurred at a recent press conference for the Holiday Bowl that will take place Thursday night between Leach's Cougars and the Michigan State Spartans. In the video, Leach can be seen tending to his scolding hot cup of coffee and giving it way more attention than the reporters asking questions.

Seriously, he blows on that drink for a good 20 seconds. Nobody wants to destroy his mouth on the first sip.

Almost better than the fact Leach was paying absolutely no mind to the press conference is the fact that after he was done cooling down his morning beverage, he looked up from his stupor with an utterly surprised reaction, as if he was under the impression he was alone the whole time.

To be fair, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio was being asked a question at the time and not Leach, but that did not stop the internet from falling in love with this very pedestrian, and hilarious, 40-second clip and reacting how only the internet can: 

If you happen to need some advice on weddings, this national treasure has got you covered on that front as well.