If the NFL is as serious about player safety as they claim to be, then the league needs to come down hard on the Houston Texans for the way the team handled the concussion suffered by Tom Savage. During Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers, Savage was absolutely demolished by the Niners' Elvis Dumervil, and it didn't take someone who specializes in head injuries to realize that something wasn't right with the Texans quarterback. 

Maybe it was the way Savage's arms stayed in the air as he laid on the ground, which is a sign of fencing. Or maybe it was the way Savage's arms were shaking as the referee hovered over him. Either way, the Texans quarterback should have never been allowed to return to the field, but he apparently cleared concussion protocol and returned to the field for another series. On the ensuing possession, Savage tried returning to the field but was turned away by the team's personnel who were finally doing their job. 

If a player is ineligible to come back onto the field, it's up to the personnel to take their helmet away from them. The NFL is already a dangerous sport. There needs to be people responsible enough to force these players to put aside their competitive side and think about their long-term health. 

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