LeBron James didn’t let a basketball game stop him from fulfilling his fatherly duties.

During a timeout in Thursday’s matchup against the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers star went on an important mission for his 3-year-old daughter, Zhuri.

“Hi, momma! You want candy?” LeBron asked the child as she watched from the stands. After she presumably responded, “Duh, dad. What little kid is going to turn down candy?,” LeBron began hunting for a suitable treat.

Footage captured during the timeout shows the athlete approaching various people around the bench, asking if they had any candy on them. After several failed attempts, he finally came across an individual with some sweets.

“Give that to my daughter,” he instructed the man.

On one hand, you kind of feel bad for the guy who was forced to give up his candy to a 3-year-old. But on the other hand, this moment is pretty damn adorable. At least, Twitter seems to think so. 

Watch the situation go down below.