This bitcoin shit is getting out of hand. People are putting up their homes to invest, as well as taking their bitcoin investments to cop homes. They are also laundering bitcoin funds for ISIS, and getting sent away for it. Mostly, people are making dumb decisions, and they are losing money... fast.

Take former Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden. In 2016, ESPN reported McFadden filed a lawsuit against his ex-financial manager, Michael Vick (no, not that Michael Vick). McFadden was looking for $15 million that Vick was said to have misappropriated and mishandled, which included $3 million lost in a supposed bitcoin venture. Vick's fuckery dated back to 2008, where a number of fraudulent documents put him in charge of McFadden's finances, allowing him to steal funds at will.

Chase Carlson, who is an investment fraud attorney, must have done some number crunching based off of today's bitcoin craze, and tweeted that if McFadden's bitcoin investment actually went through, he'd be sitting on $237 million right now.

I know how I'd feel if I learned that I'd missed out on that many zeroes, and so did Twitter, who responded in kind with the perfect batch of reactions to this fucked up ordeal.

Would we squad up on Michael Vick? Oh indeed.

I'm no bitcoin expert, but this one Twitter user says McFadden probably wouldn't have gotten the full $237 million to begin with.

I don't know if I give a fuck, though; that's sickening either way.

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