On Friday, TMZ Sports reported that Chris Bosh's mother Frieda was named as a suspect in a drug trafficking investigation after police raided her DeSoto, Texas home, which belongs to the former NBA star. Authorities found "a large amount of drug paraphernalia [which is] consistent with narcotics trafficking." However, no arrests were made. 

TMZ Sports published their interview with Frieda on Monday where she explained her side of the story. Frieda says her relationship with her son has "deteriorated" to the point that the two haven't spoken to one another in five years, and he's allegedly trying to have her evicted. In order to cover the legal fees needed to keep the home she "built" with the former NBA star 12 years ago, Frieda has been renting out the residence to different people. One of those tenants was supposedly responsible for bringing the raid to her home.

Freida and her son Joel, who was by her mother's side during the interview, were adamant that they have nothing but love for Chris, and hope to set aside their differences soon. While it's difficult to chime in on a situation of which we know nothing, Bosh should probably just let his mom keep the home. It's a small price to pay for a guy who made $23.7 million last year.