According to TMZ Sports, Chris Bosh's mom (Freida Bosh) was named a suspect in a DeSoto, Texas drug trafficking investigation on Friday. TMZ learned about this after Freida's home (which is owned by the former NBA star) was raided on Friday morning.

Authorities say that they recovered "a large amount of drug paraphernalia [which is] consistent with narcotics trafficking." They added that though several people (including Freida) were found at the residence, up to this point, nobody has been arrested as a result of the sting.

They also believe heroin and crack were trafficked through the house. And, finally, law enforcement said that they think Chris's involvement was limited to owning the home, as they don't suspect he had any connection to the alleged illicit activity that occurred there.

Though you would think that, at this point, he'd be more careful about how he uses his real estate.

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