On Thursday, Conor McGregor made a spectacle at an otherwise routine traffic court appearance, because he's Conor McGregor and he makes a spectacle pretty much everywhere he goes, whether it's at a local bar or a fight he wasn't even in.

McGregor was summoned to the court to face his third charge for speeding after he was clocked for doing 98 mph in a 60 mph zone just outside Dublin this past March. To make matters worse, he initially didn't arrive for his Thursday morning appearance in front of the judge. Not surprisingly, this pissed the judge off. According to The Mirror:

Conor McGregor made a late dash to court this morning after being accused of showing disrespect by not turning up to face a speeding charge for a third time.

The UFC star was due to appear at Blanchardstown District Court this morning but initially failed to show.

His solicitor admitted he did not know where McGregor was, and the judge reacted with fury.

Judge Miriam Walsh fumed: “I’m getting nothing but fingers from Mr. McGregor. If he’s making a case he has to be here.

“This is absolute disrespect to the court. I am very annoyed with Mr. McGregor.”

McGregor's lawyer ended up convincing the judge to agree to push back the hearing later in the day. McGregor eventually showed up in a $200K BMW that he documented on Instagram along with the caption "#relaxjudge":


Getting charged in the super charge. #courthouse #relaxjudge

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Nov 30, 2017 at 5:10am PST

After all that, Conor was fined £350, which converts to just a tad over $470. While that seems like an anti-climactic finish, McGregor was warned that he'd be arrested if he failed to show up to court again.

He also was followed by paparazzi on his way out, where he was asked about the rumored threats on his life following a completely pointless confrontation he accidentally had with a mobster's father in a local bar. McGregor said "come and get me," though the way it's edited makes it sound like he may be responding to something else. Hopefully the Irish mafia he may or may not be in trouble with is a little more discerning than media using his "come and get me" taunt as a sell because it makes for an interesting story: