They couldn’t have taken different climbs to become the golfers they are today.

For Torry Holt, the retired pro football wide receiver, it came during his first season. Back when his former squad was in St. Louis, and the Greatest Show on Turf was on the verge of something special. During the early days of training camp in 1999, he’d watch his teammates take off for the golf course after practice, and eventually, one of the vets coaxed Holt (a rook at the time) to join.

For Melanie Collins, a major network sideline reporter and host, it started when she would tag along with her father to the driving range as a kid. But she never had any interest in hitting the actual course. “I thought it was an old man’s game,” Collins says. It wasn’t until six years ago that Collins, thanks to a love interest, took up the game for real.


Before long, their introductions to golf developed into an infatuation, which over time, evolved into a deeper appreciation for the sport; one that has remained a constant in their lives. Not necessarily in the number of rounds played per year, but in the camaraderie and sense of unity it has fostered since they both took up the game. Despite being at very different points in their personal and professional lives, Collins and Holt do share similarities—namely, their ties to football and their standing as media members. But their strongest bond might be in the form of golf.

On a warm summer day, Collins and Holt took time out of their busy schedules to hit an undisclosed golf course about an hour north of Manhattan. Complex was on hand to watch the two show off their skills on the links, as well as talk about their unique career paths, successes, and goals for the future.